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Finding an accommodation that delivers a lifestyle of luxury and style with RSA

RSA is a team of dedicated professionals that offer an inclusive student accommodation service. Our motivation is hinged on helping students cultivate a way of life that us characterized by luxury and style. With an unmatched wealth of experience, our services are tailored to meet the individualistic requirements of each client. We are acutely aware of evolving trends and we are equipped to produce result that never fails to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Our service is comprehensive and very inclusive. More importantly, we offer unrestrained support to clients from the moment they contact us for inquiries. We offer experience guide for the best results. With round the clock customer support from topnotch professionals, you can be sure of a hitch free experience. Let us help you school in luxury and style.


It is nearly impossible to put into word the joy a person feels when they first receive the news of them going to college to study for a course they…

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Becoming an international student can be stressful. Moving into a different environment surrounded by people you don’t know and places you aren’t familiar with – perhaps stressful is an understatement….

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We're ready to answer your questions, take reservations or make a recommendation

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Birmingham -The Pavilion

The Pavilion is contemporary accommodation for students that is situated within the vicinity of Broad Street. Thus putting this remarkable accommodation in trekking distance from University College Birmingham and other notable scholastic institutions.

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LEEDS – The Oxley Residence

Leeds blends architectural splendor with the pulsating contemporary culture that delivers premium city life to students. Celebrated for its many bars and restaurants, Leeds is home to Leeds City College, Leeds College of Art Leeds Beckett University and more institutions.

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Manchester – City Edge

With South Club, Bijou Club, 42's and its likes are strewn across the city, you will experience a thrill like no other. The Escape Room, The Crystal Maze Manchester are some of the many great for engaging fun activities. Manchester is a shopper’s delight and features the best pubs.

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Manchester – Moss Court

Manchester City is a hub of excitement, sports, food and world-class universities like the University of Manchester. With a booming restaurant industry, students will enjoy mouthwatering meals that are competitively priced. Students will relish having accommodation in this inimitable city.

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